About Us

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About Us

Started out as a humble Chicken Rice stall back in 1988 at the People's Park Complex,  It was then moved and settled down at Katong Shopping Centre till today. Katong Mei Wei was established in 2019 by Soki Wu, a second-generation hawker, who started up to manage Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice. 


Helping out since a child, from being determined not to follow his parents footsteps of being a hawker, to being determined in perfecting this Chicken Rice recipe and continuing this heritage. Even with dreams of being an Actor, he established Katong Mei Wei with visions to make Delicious Boneless Chicken Rice a hawker stall follow up with modern times. He introduced modern technology, the POS System and all delivery platforms to the stall and guided his parents through patiently. Keeping up with times, he slowly refurbished the stall, giving it its current brighter and attractive exterior. In addition, setting uniforms for everyone to achieve the motto as a team. 


While working full time for his Chicken Rice, he will never forget his dreams of Acting. With a whopping following of 11.1k on Instagram and 9k on Tik Tok. He filmed videos whenever he can, one of the many videos which had gone viral was him dancing in front of his stall and had garnered more than 8,000 likes on Tik Tok. Furthermore, in 2018, he played a supporting role in Toy Factory’s “Masters of Comedy”. Although running from being a hawker to an actor is very tiring, Soki said he would give up neither. One is his life passion and the other his parents’ hopes. 


Soki hopes more of the younger generation will help to preserve Singapore’s Hawker Culture. Having bigger dreams in mind for his family business, he plans to expand and venture out of Katong letting the whole Singapore try his family’s recipe. At the same time, serving and retaining the best flavours all around always!